It’s Going Down

I’m yelling timber….you better move. Seriously though, this old shed needed to get gone.

The metal shed.’s not really a song about demolition I know. Richard and I started the process of tearing down the metal shed, because the builders were coming to start! It is right where we want the home to go on the acerage and it is in horrible shape anyway.

The wood is just rotting away.

I must say that my favorite feature of this building is the rock that is holding it up. How or why this rock became such a supporting feature I can not say. Upon it’s back it holds the weight of the world, well shed. It’s position in life amuses me greatly.

A photo to memorialize the rock.

Demolition is such fun. Richard and I enjoyed working together to strip the metal panels from its walls. We hope to reuse the metal for other little projects. I would love to build a chicken coop and use some of the metal for the coop roof.


At the end of day one, which was about an 1.5 hour of work, the shed was down to 1 wall and 2 small panels. We need to re-home some of the contents and throw much of it away.

End of Day 1

At the end of the next major day, they had cleared trees all around the shed. We had also cleaned out the interior of the shed, with the assistance of our awesome builder. He is a cool dude for sure.

End of Day 2

Finally on Day 3 they knocked the shed down and made some attempts to break up the concrete on that day. I was so bummed that I was not able to be there, but both my dad and builder recorded it coming down so I could still see it.

End of Day 3: Some excited kids.

For some destructive fun, check out the video of the shed coming down.

I am so excited to see the property change day to day. I will post blogs about the various design choices, building developments, and various adventures along the way. I plan to upload a few videos as well. If you are interested in following this process, subscribe to receive notifications.

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